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Wheelchair Pants ImageSince 1995, USA Jeans has made over 30,000 pairs of sitting pants.

If you spend your day in a wheelchair, dirve a truck, sit all day at the office or sit for long periods of time in front of computer or even video games, you'll benefit from wearing pants designed for sitting. Bicyclists and horse riders often wear pants designed for sitting and you may sit for much longer periods than they do.

Pants designed for standing were invented/designed hundreds of years ago and when worn for sitting pull tight in the crothch, ride up in front, fall down in back and create pressure spots on the buttocks and spine with rivets, back pockets, belt loop on the spine and extra yoke seams.

We have received feedback from thousands of customers to optimize the fit and increase the likelihood that you will fit well in our standard (off the shelf) sizes.

Some say that one of the secrets to life is "comfortable shoes". Well, if you are sitting, the secret may be to have "comfortable pants".

To increase comfort, some wheelchair users and truck drivers wear off the shelf sweat pants. They can be comforatble for sitting, but they ususally don't look good. Many wheelchair users have told us that they get treated with respect when the dress nicely and sometimes when they dress in sweats, they get treated poorly or ignored.

It's easy to try a pair of sitting pants - Money back guarantee:

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